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Nature Boy Speaks

Live and Uncut--NATURE BOY! In the nude...

17 February 1982
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I'm a 20-something year old white male who is a teacher at the unified school district of my city. I love music, girls, singles, and that's about it. I'm 6'5 1/2" with blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, with piercings and tattoos (more to be added onto my body later). Girls, feel free to respond but please, 17 years and up only. White chicks only. WRITE TO ME, YOU FUCKS! I LOVE GIRL ON GIRL ACTION. I am on the road to alcholism and rapid alcohol abuse. I broke my knee at Safeway and am now Fucked in every way, but the right way. Hopefully Satan can soon bless me and make me a music journalist.

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